Fix/improve debounce and latency options for keyboards

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At present, the input latency setting in CORE seems to work as a latency slider, but there are still debounce issues that it doesn't seem to address. I've addressed this in great detail on Reddit (, but to summarize:
-There's really no need to have an input latency slider. No one would choose higher latency unless they had to for some reason. Instead, I would suggest a debounce time slider and a "mode" dropdown that allows you to choose between "normal" and "performance".
-Normal setting should be deferred debounce and default to 5 ms debounce time. This would match the QMK default and should ideally work just as well as QMK with the same ~10 ms input latency number.
-Performance mode uses eager debounce (possibly asymmetrical) with a 7-8 ms debounce time by default. I'd also suggest including a warning with the performance mode to let people know they might see more chatter when using it.

Planned Developer Feedback Feature Request Firmware Keyboard Suggested by: Nick Upvoted: 09 Jun, '22 Comments: 2

Comments: 2