Programm keys depending on clicked vs. hold

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Just saw this in a youtube Video and it is such an amazing feature.
Another Keyboard manufacturer named Wooting is just about to release a new keyboard and they offer a really nice feature, which should be easily developed.
On their keyboard you can decide what a key does whether you click or hold a button.
This is amazing. Imaging not pressing G to throw a grenade where you have to move your fingers away from WASD, instead holding ctrl for grenade short pressing could still be crouching.
Same for F, you could then make short pressing ALT for maybe lay down and holding ALT to open doors or whatever.
Please add this feature, i really love the idea and buying another keyboard just for this would be meh, and cause i like the GMMK2 that i just bought, it oculd only have some more features to make it more customizable software wise.

Under consideration CORE Suggested by: Grafíx Upvoted: 30 Jan Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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